Most of your weekend you will be meeting in your selected track. Please choose carefully! Read the descriptions, prerequisites, and talk with your InterVarsity staff for suggestions. For a track description just click on a track below.

Entry Level
  • Following Jesus

    Why did you come to college? Was it for a degree? Gaining success? Making lifelong friends? Experts say that the college years are the most foundational period in a person’s life. And many of us see Jesus as merely an add-on to our college years. In Following Jesus, we will learn how intimacy with God, becoming like Christ, and joining His mission on campus are crucial ingredients for living our live’s fully as college students. Whether you have been following Jesus for a while, or are new in your journey, join us for a weekend of uncovering our true purposes on campus and in God’s good world.

  • Cross Roads

    For 2,000 years the teachings of Jesus have impacted the world. Are you curious? Do you have a friend who is curious about Jesus and would accompany you to the track? Join us for a weekend of discovery as we look closely at who Jesus was, what his life and death were about, and what relevance he has for us today. Qualifying participants receive a discount for this track.

  • Come and See: Meet the International God

    Join a group of internationals and Americans as we spend the weekend together looking at who Jesus is and learning from him. We will celebrate God's love for cultures and be invited to join him both at Cross Training and back on campus. Qualifying participants receive a discount for this track.

Special Interest
  • Renewing Athletics: Restoring Creative Joy within Athletes and Teams

    Are you an athlete and a Christian? Do you find these two roles competing at times? Have you ever considered God's design for sports? This track is designed for any collegiate athlete involved in a varsity or club sport who wants to begin exploring the intersection between faith and athletics.

  • Amplify

    Based on InterVarsity’s Beyond Colorblind campaign, this track will engage you with the Gospel through race and ethnicity, particularly through your story. Integrating evangelism, discipleship, and reconciliation, this track will equip you to articulate how God is redeeming what is broken and amplifying what is beautiful both in your ethnic journey and in the world. This track is designed for students of color as a space to develop in their ethnic identity journey; white students are welcome and should speak to a staff before registering.

Advanced Level
  • Leading Mission

    So you have said “yes” to leading or joining a small group and are doing just that -- now what? Leading Mission is a track aimed to equip, nourish, and empower small group leaders and apprentices to the next level of small group skills: leading others in mission. This track will give you critical tools for taking risks, resting well, and developing your small group members, all while remaining and abiding in Jesus’ powerful mission. Come and learn how to take your small group to the next level!

  • Bible Dig-In: John Ch. 14-17

    What did Jesus have to say to his disciples just hours before his death? What mattered to him? What promises did make? What did he want them to do next? Dig in and learn more about Jesus, yourself and the mission He has entrusted to you through the work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Bible Dig-In: Acts Ch. 12-15

    The gospel is on the move! The good news of Jesus is expanding outward and reaching all sorts of new places and new people. It can not be stopped. It happened then and it is still happening now. Come be part of the adventure!

  • Bible Dig-In: 1 Thessalonians Ch. 1-4

    Paul’s ministry led him to establish churches all over the Mediterranean world. But what happened to their relationship and his hope for them after he left? In this letter we see the heart and mind of Paul, the pastor. May we too be exhorted by Paul to become leaders of integrity, vision and compassion.

  • Live Sent

    What’s your purpose? What’s the purpose of work? When and how do those purposes intersect? Some of you read those questions and become paralyzed by anxiety. Others read those questions and move on. In this track, we will wrestle with these questions about our purpose and work. We will learn that God did create us for a purpose and calls us to partner with Him in achieving His purposes on earth. The primary way we partner with God is through our work. In this track, we will help you to discover your purpose and equip you to follow Jesus wherever he leads. We will show you what it means to live sent. Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The Lilly Endowment is investing in Live Sent which allows qualifying participants to receive a discount for this track.

  • Pursuing Multiethnicity: For You and Your Chapter

    InterVarsity is committed to grow in love for people of all cultures and ethnicities. But what does that look like and how do we bring others along in this journey? Come and explore the practice and theology of multiethnicity and reconciliation which is so critical for our public witness and learn how to embody Jesus' reconciling work on your campus.

  • Intercessors

    Who will come and stand in the gap, lifting up the conference, students, and staff of CT17? God looks for his people to stand in the gap, to intercede on behalf of others. In the Intercessors track we will be seeking the Lord through different types of prayer and prayer times to see what is on His heart for the students and staff at the conference. We will spend our times listening and calling out to God for His will be done in and through every track and session. And we, ourselves, will be blessed with an encounter with God that will impact our lives. Is God calling you to prayer, to stand in the gap? This track is for senior and graduate students only and volunteers with a passion for prayer.

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Check-in is at 5:30pm. Please note no supper will be served on Friday night and no breakfast will be served Saturday or Sunday mornings. We suggest you factor in time for a quick bite to eat en route or save some time and money by making some PBJs and breakfast food before you leave. Saturday Lunch and Dinner are provided.

COST: $140 until 11:59pm on October 12th, then increased to $160.

Registration closes October 19th. A non-refundable $40 deposit is due upon registration.




  • 5:30pm - Registration
  • 7:45pm - Large Group Session
  • 8:45pm - Track Time
  • 10:30pm - Late Check-in


  • 7:30am - Breakfast* and Quiet Time
  • 9:00am - Meet in Tracks
  • 12:00pm - Lunch & Free Time
  • 4:00pm - Meet in Tracks
  • 6:00pm - Supper & Break
  • 8:00pm - Large Group Session
  • 9:45pm - Chapter Time


  • 7:30am - Breakfast* and Quiet Time
  • 9:00am - Meet in Tracks
  • 11:00am - Large Group Session
  • 12:15pm - Departure

* - Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is not Provided by the Conference, please plan accordingly and bring your own breakfast food (e.g., bagels, granola bars, etc.)
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How do I transfer my track?

Talk with your staff worker to ensure that you can make the track change. You will need his/her approval.The staff will then contact the conference registrar to make the appropriate changes for you. You will then receive confirmation of change from the registrar. However if the track is full to capacity you will need to choose another option.

Why do I need staff approval?

Staff approval ensures that your learning experience at Cross Training will be appropriately challenging. Your staff member will know how to choose the track that will serve you best for where you are at in your journey as a follower of Jesus.

What should I bring?

Be sure to pack:

  • Toiletries
  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Money for the offering and purchases from the book store
  • Community appropriate swimwear

For more information about Cross Training Wisconsin Dells, Please contact the Cross Training Director.

For registration questions or track changes please contact your chapter staff.